This Party Is Killing You: San Francisco

Date: May 31, 2019

Time: 10:00pm - 2:00am

Location: August Hall

WE ARE BACKKKKKK. VERY LIMITED presale tickets at Restless Nites are available now! This party always sells out so make sure to reserve your spot on the dance floor before tickets go on-sale to the public Friday!

Message Eli Glad to get the password to purchase.

THIS PARTY IS KILLING YOU, aka THE ROBYN PARTY, is back in San Francisco for one night only. The party you saw in Robyn’s film MISSING U is back with new tricks, new treats, new tracks, and of course





THE ROBYN PARTY is always unpredictable and unforgettable! Call Your Girlfriend because We Dance to the Beat ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Come see why long-time partygoers say, “The Robyn Party saved my life!”

This Party Is Killing You’s DJs Choyce Hacks! (Chris Choyce), A Place Both Wonderful and Strange (Russ Marshalek) and Cherry Magdalene (Marley Magaziner) create a joyous, sweaty evening where you won’t be Dancing On Your Own. You’ll hear Robyn hits, b-sides, remixes, highly danceable tracks from other pop divas and then, of course, more Robyn!


Presented by Adventure[s] and Eli Glad